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Bobbie Anne Cox Attorney At Law

Flower Property Tax Consultants, LLC


Historical Overview

Robert J. Flower & Co. was organized in March 1962 as a real estate brokerage firm. In 1966, Dr. Flower built his first apartment building. In 1968, the firm was the largest apartment rental agency in the tri-county area. In the mid 1970’s Flower Property Tax Consultants was born and in 1977, the organization was retained by its first Fortune 500 Company (Ford). Shortly after, its second major client was secured (Chrysler). This relationship continues today, and the property tax division is now run by Dr. Flower’s wife Angela. Also, at the time, several municipalities had retained the firm as appraisal consultants. The 1980's brought substantial notoriety to the firm as Dr. Flower was appointed adjunct professor of real estate economics at the United States Military Academy (West Point). Additionally, he developed a concept of Real Estate Futures that was the fore runner of the Shared Appreciation mortgage. He was written up in the Stock Market Magazine, in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times for his effort. He was selected to conduct a radio show on real estate (WFAS). At, this time, he formed a limited partnership with two of the most respected names on Wall Street. Apartment and office owners retained the firm during the difficult economy of the early 1980's, to conduct co-op and condo conversions. The firm's extensive success at that time has earned it a reputation of creative professionalism. In 1997 Bob Flower expanded the real estate company by establishing a mortgage banking company which was originally licensed only in New York and had expanded in less than 10 years to cover lending needs in states all over the U.S. including but not limited to: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona. In addition to the Robert J. Flower & Company expansion comes Fiore Funding, a real estate investment company operated by the Flower family.