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Bobbie Anne Cox Attorney At Law

Flower Property Tax Consultants, LLC


Welcome to Robert J. Flower & Company!

We are a family owned and operated, multi-faceted, real estate company since 1962. We have 50 years of real estate experience here to satisfy all of your real estate needs!

Robert J. Flower & Company, a professionally staffed organization, established in 1962, provides complete real estate consulting, analysis, appraising services and investment brokerage to both private and public clients throughout the country.

We can assist in all phases of a real estate portfolio. We combine expert knowledge and innovative interdisciplinary experiences with a comprehensive insight into the complicated variable of local markets. Our firm advises municipalities and public agencies as well as major banks, corporations, commercial enterprises, investors and other professionals. We also assist developers and builders of commercial, office and residential properties, subdivisions and urban redevelopment projects.

Professional Services

Some of the many professional services we provide for our clients are:

  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Bailout Programs
  • Property Tax Reductions (commercial/residential)
  • Real Estate Investment Opportunities
  • Real Estate Appraising and Consulting (commercial/residential)
  • Mortgage Banking (commercial/residential/all types of credit)
  • Co-op/Condo Conversions
  • Zoning Analysis and Presentations
  • Economic, Market and Feasibility Studies
  • Investment Analysis and Counseling
  • Project Cost and Benefit Analysis  
  • Relocation Counseling
  • Site Selection and Negotiation
  • Construction Planning, Coordination and Management
  • Land Utilization and Development Studies
  • Real Estate Management Consultants  
  • Economic Development Programs
  • Financial Planning
  • Purchase, Sale and lease Negotiations and Counseling
  • Renovation and Modernization Planning
  • Commercial Rent Analysis
  • Economic Model Designing
  • Marketing and Disposition Programming
  • Component Depreciation Studies